What is Fractional Ownership?

Whether you’re a back-to-the-same-place-each-year person or want to explore distinct destinations, fractional properties and private residence clubs on the market today offer an ever-widening number of options.

There are obvious advantages that come with investing in fractionals. A prime one being that most fractional programmes (but not all) involve deeded ownership. Consequently this offers the opportunity to profit from capital gains if the property price has gone up by the time you eventually sell your share.

Non-financial “returns” on your investment can also include factors such as being able to holiday in sought-after locations with a five star hotel at the heart of the resort, flexible ownership options and size of fractions, and the peace of mind that comes from having the properties managed an onsite team, who can often let your property whenever you’re holidaying there.

Fixed term arrangements mean you can plan your investments accordingly, and you’ll get to holiday in properties that are worth a lot more than your portion. £150,000 may buy you an average apartment on the Costa del Sol, but you could be holidaying in luxury homes at an a la carte selection of glamorous destinations for a similar investment.

The most popular fraction is one-twelfth ownership, but quarter shares giving up to twelve weeks a year are possible, and you don’t want to deal with the outlay of a deposit and mortgage, a fractional property is an option worth looking at. You will have to plan your holidays well in advance and you will be restricted to the variety of destinations and properties within the club’s portfolio, but with the carrot of a possible capital gain at the end of your ownership term, and the priceless peace of mind this form of overseas ownership offers, it’s a stress-free, short to mid-term proposition if you’re looking to own property abroad.

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