Timeshare: Like a Hotel – But Better

5 Reasons Why Timeshare is the Family-Friendly Holiday Option

The outdated image of the retired American timeshare couple faded years ago. Young families with school age children are finding that timeshare ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to everyone getting a good break. As leading developers build new resorts in Britain or “winter warmer” destinations like South Africa, Dubai and to an extent Turkey, it’s location, build, amenities and service that will shape the future of a new resort.

It’s those things that matter, like room service (even if it’s just pizza delivery on the occasional night in) or being able to pop in for a fresh breakfast baguette at the onsite mini-market. The fun kids club to keep the little ones happy, the medical clinic in case they pick up a bug, and a spa for mum to escape to.

With more families choosing timeshare as their preferred holiday option, these are five main reasons it makes sense to buy timeshare.

1. Economy. Averaged out as “cost-per-night”, timeshare offers excellent value over the long term; your self-catering suite can accommodate extra “friends and family” – and you can eat in! As hotel room rates rise in coming years, pre-purchased timeshare will become even better value by comparison.

2. Amenities. Convenient and time-saving, quality resorts will have a number of these on site: restaurants, shops, cafés, concierge service, onsite car rental, live entertainment, pools, gym, beauty salon, spa, kids club, tennis and golf coach, sports facilities, DVD library, newsagent, a medical centre and more.

3. Choice. Go where you want, when you want. Exchange programmes like RCI and Interval International offer an à la carte menu of destinations year round. It could be Christmas in the Caribbean, spring in Spain, summer in Cornwall, autumn in Austria…from classic beach holidays to more adventurous escapes.

4. Accommodation. Offering more of a home-from-home feeling than a hotel room, resort accommodation offers that bit more – whether it’s the contemporary equipped kitchen or a terrace jacuzzi for moonlit cocktails.

5. Location. A country estate in the Highlands? Or a spa in Sri Lanka? Whatever the sought-after location, amenities should be part of the package.

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