Love the idea of getting married abroad? Why not combine it with a timeshare escape

Did you tie the knot on an exotic beach while you were enjoying a timeshare holiday?

Getting married abroad is gaining popularity big time, primarily as it blends a sunshine escape with one of the happiest events in anyone’s life – and the clincher is it can work out to be more affordable than organising the whole event back home.

Some of the most popular winter sun wedding destinations include the Bahamas (Nassau), the Mexican Riviera and, closer to home for Brits, Andalucia, the Algarve and the Canary Islands.

Although costs can rack up when you take in flights, food, venue rental and event organiser fees, getting married in a foreign country can be cheaper than you expect. For US residents, for example, heading to the Caribbean or Mexico can pay back in significant savings.  While a US wedding can cost over 29,000 dollars in some cases, a whole Caribbean or Mexican package can come out a lot less – prices tend to start at around 7,000 dollars for up to 25-30 guests.

Have you been thinking about choosing an overseas wedding instead of a local church for your wedding? To help you decide, here’s a list of some of the main pros and cons of that magical beach wedding straight out of the movies!


The photos and videos will look fantastic, with local flowers, food and music to help capture the perfect day.

You won’t have to fly off on your honeymoon – your honeymoon location is where you got married!

Because you’re celebrating abroad, it’s the perfect excuse to invite those closest to you and keep it to a smaller, more intimate family affair.

If you’d rather leave everyone behind (and you wouldn’t be the first newly married couple to do this!), tying the knot abroad is the answer, you can have a small party before or after the wedding, but the nuptials will be a private affair for just you.

Book through a travel operator or overseas wedding specialist and you can leave them to take care of all the details, while you buy some time to shop for the dress and plan the honeymoon.

Getting married abroad often works out cheaper than marrying at home, especially if you book the flights well in advance and are getting hitched somewhere close to home, like the Algarve or Marbella. It’s perfectly OK to let guests buy their own plane tickets, as you’ll be treating them to a mini break in a gorgeous location.


If you have elderly relatives or friends with commitments who cannot fly, they won’t be able to share your special day.

If you’re a control freak, you won’t have as much control over all the arrangements – unless you organise the whole thing yourself.

If just the two of you decide to tie the knot away from home, you’ll need to find someone abroad to act as a witness.

Look at the local weather patterns.  Some destinations, like Bermuda, can be bliss for most of the year but in the rainy/storm season, pastel houses under a grey sky with a darker beach won’t look nearly as good in the potos.

Last but not least, if you’re marrying in a beautiful resort, you may not be able to get away from friends and family who’d rather linger in the sunshine when you crave time alone – unless you’ve booked a separate honeymoon somewhere else!

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