How To Get The Best Out Of Your Timeshare Through The Exchange System

Some of the benefits of owning a timeshare are the options provided by Exchange companies. Being a member of an established and reputable exchange company can allow you to swap your ownership rights to travel to another destination at a different time, or simply take more than one holiday.

  • Established exchange programmes operate on a simple and a fair swap system whereby the “value” of the ownership right has a direct impact on the “value” of the exchange you can enjoy. “Value” is influenced by the quality of the ownership right being used as well as the seasonality of the time being deposited / relinquished”.
  • Timing of when to bank or deposit an ownership right/week is also key and the earlier you contact your exchange company to request an exchange the greater the opportunities that exist to find what you are looking for.
  • In addition – through using an exchange programme, if you wish to travel at a different time or cannot travel at a certain time, you can even extend your travel window. By contacting the exchange company, it is possible to ensure the holiday is not lost.
  • Owners can allow family or friends to use their ownership rights for an exchange holiday for them – a great gift or means of using your timeshare if you doesn’t want to use it that year.
  • Being a member of an exchange programme also gives you access to additional and high quality discounted rental holidays that can be purchased without exchanging holiday time. These are known as Extra Holidays, Bonus weeks or Getaways.
  • Exchange companies also offer a wide range of leisure and lifestyle benefits which they have sourced through feedback from timeshare owners as to what they find attractive and useful and through the exchange companies’ “buying power” they are able to provide these at highly competitive rates. Members should contact their exchange provider for details of the specific benefits.

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