Award-winning luxury brand Karma Royal Group joins RDO

GoTimeshare is delighted to announce that welcomed one of the world’s top “boutique” shared ownership brands, Karma Royal Group, as a new member last month.

The international luxury resort brand was founded by British entrepreneur and philanthropist John Spence, who originally opened its first resorts in India and South East Asia. As demand grew for its unique shared ownership holiday experiences, John revolutionised the template for luxury travel and lifestyle, bringing the Karma brand to Europe.

Karma Resorts currently has two exclusive oceanfront luxury villa resorts situated on Bali’s spectacular southern peninsula, as well as a third property on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. In Europe, its heavenly hideaways include the ultimate chillout property – Karma Pelicanos, a luxury villa on the Greek island of Mykonos – and a spectacular estate in the South of France, once owned by Laura Ashley. Every resort in the entire portfolio has earned the highest accolades from both the industry and the press.

The story of how Karma Royal Group and the Karma Collection quickly became top brands is a fascinating one, driven by their founder’s energy and vision. John carefully handpicked exotic locations in sought-after destinations and combined idyllic locations, designer properties and exceptional amenities and service, all within Karma’s signature boutique-style brand.

From elite boutique villa developments to stand-alone residences, each Karma resort is set in stunning surroundings which marry architectural ingenuity, state of the art amenities and an approach to service that is not merely attentive, but also creative. John’s pioneering approach to hospitality is deservedly garnering rave reviews internationally, while its discerning membership continues to grow.

Commenting on Karma’s new membership with RDO, Karma Royal Group MD Vic Faulkner said: ‘We are fully committed to RDO and by signing up, we are signalling our commitment to the aims and objectives of the organisation. We wish to work more closely with our business partners in Europe and membership of RDO will help us greatly in this.

To find out more about Karma Royal Group’s awards and accolades and to discover what makes their signature holiday experiences so unique, at

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