The Shared Holiday Ownership Handbook

It’s a must-read for anyone considering buying a timeshare or fractional, and it’s great guide for resort developers and operators.

The first ever Shared Holiday Ownership Handbook was put together by two of the industry’s leading lights – RCI and The Registry Collection. They have compiled the definitive guide to shared ownership in a 52-page publication called Creating Opportunity in Shared Holiday Ownership and it highlights the advantages of shared ownership to both consumers and developers. The Handbook also includes a number of sales and marketing strategies for the shared ownership sector.

Dimitris Manikis, vice president of business development for RCI in Europe and Africa, said the new Handbook demonstrates precisely why shared ownership represented a significant opportunity for hotel operators, residential complexes and property investors:
"This is an industry with an 87% satisfaction rate – and a greater loyalty to the core product than many other industries.The Shared Holiday Ownership Handbook sets out the reasons why timeshare and fractional ownership are a great fit for many resort developers and leisure real estate investors across the world."

You can view the Handbook online, at the RCI Ventures Magazine link here

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