RCI Releases Updated "Share Your Vacation" Application for Facebook

With this updated application, users can enter their past and future vacations by either searching by any destination around the world or by specific RCI affiliated resort name. They can also upload their favorite photos and videos from their trips by pulling from existing Facebook albums or uploading them from their computers or mobile devices.

The benefits of the app go beyond the ability to keep track of personal travel. Users can play with the different map functions to view their friends’ holidays or all app users’ holidays. They can also browse the posted recommendations, photos and videos to get an idea of what to expect at locations all over the world, which will help in planning their future vacations.

Another interesting feature, Vacation Trends, features a map display of the locations where some of the 3.8 million RCI subscribing members are booking vacations in nearly real-time.

For more information or to view a simulation of the “Share Your Vacation” app, go to the Share Your Vacation landing page, or go straight to the app by searching “Share Your Vacation” on Facebook.

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