Jinfeng Yinhua Holiday Hotel joins Interval International’s Global Network

Jinfeng Yinhua Holiday Hotel, part of the Shengteng Vacation Club, has just become the latest international resort to join the Interval International exchange network. The apartments are located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lijiang City, China, and offer an exceptional opportunity to explore the history and customs of the Naxi people who have lived in this Yunnan Province for some eight hundred years.

“Lijiang City is one of China’s most popular destinations, famous for the beauty of its surroundings and unique festivals,” says Joe Hickman, Interval’s executive director for Asia Pacific.

"The hotel’s authentic Naxi architecture – distinguished by sloping tile roofs, gates, and classical courtyards – blends seamlessly with the historic hotels and farms of the Old Town, while offering up-to-the-minute style and amenities."

The hotel is located in the willow-shaded Shuhe Old Town. All units have sleek, modern décor and there is a restaurant as well as wine and tea “bars”. The area is rich with legendary names and sites, such as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain nearby, and the Moon

Embracing Pavilion, a frequently visited tourist site at Black Dragon Pond. Other popular attractions include Dongba hieroglyphs and the Mosuo people at Lugu Lake, known as the "last kingdom of women on earth.”

The legendary Lijiang City is situated in the mountains of Yunnan Province, in the far southwest of China. Owing to its low latitude and high elevation, the climate is generally mild year-round, with an annual mean temperature of 12.7°C (54.9°F).

"Lijiang City is a harmonious combination of old traditions and a fashionable new city," said Wang Xinming, President of Shengteng Resort Development Co. Ltd. "We are pleased to welcome Interval members to this part of China and to offer our Vacation Club members the quality and worldwide scope of Interval’s exchange network.”

The People’s Republic of China is part of “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the group of countries experiencing advanced economic development and many leading hotel operators are currently expanding into China in the next few years.

For more information on Interval International, visit www.intervalworld.com

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