83% of Timeshare Owners Are Happy, Interval International Survey Reveals

Leading exchange organisation Interval International has revealed that the vast majority of its US resident members surveyed recently are satisfied with their timeshare ownership. The average family owns almost two weeks of shared ownership holidays (1.9 weeks) in a two-bed self-catering apartment and normally travels on average 22 nights a year for leisure purposes. The survey indicates a “bullish” outlook for future timeshare sales, with 20% of owners saying they will be buying more shared ownership time to spend with their families in the coming years.

Active Interval members were asked about the type of timeshare they owned, how often they use it and how they acquired it, as well as the destinations they’d most like to visit in the next two years. Some of the main findings were:

  • · Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona and South Carolina represent the destinations members plan to visit in the next couple of years, with the Caribbean a strong favourite.
  • · Eight out of ten owners bought their timeshare directly from resort developers or management companies.
  • · Nearly a third own a second home (not including their own timeshare)
  • · 68% are thinking of taking a cruise holiday in the next 24 months.
  • · The average household income was just over $121,000.

Of the sample of owners surveyed, 83% said they were definitely satisfied with their timeshare.

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