TripAdvisor study says customer reviews are more influential than ever

How many reviews do you read through before you decide on a particular resort and finally click the “book now” button? The answer in a recent survey (see below!) could be more than you thought…

Because how your holiday goes isn’t just important for you, it’s vital for your timeshare resort to get positive feedback. Reviews can almost make or break a new resort and can sway you from booking the resort you initially liked the look of, to a totally different one because of one bad review. And if you feel you’ve had particularly good service and the location and accommodation was every bit as lovely as it looked online before you arrived, why not say so? The staff who helped make your holiday wonderful and memorable deserve a good word or two! (And by mentioning any things that didn’t go right, it helps the resort do things better next time.)

Hotel and destination reviews have never been more important or influential and now holiday review specialist TripAdvisor has created a new animated video to reveal how travellers use the site.

The short video shows how holidaymakers make plans, compare their options and finally book their travel, and it shows that reading reviews is a pretty crucial part of the travel-planning journey.

In fact, half of the global TripAdvisor community wouldn’t book a property if it didn’t have any reviews, according to a TripAdvisor study.

The study also showed that the site’s users will read multiple reviews before making a decision on where to stay, visit or eat. How many reviews of one property would you read before you booked?  The figures from the study might surprise you! At least 79% of TripAdvisor users will look at least 6-12 reviews across 4-10 properties before deciding where to stay.

Meanwhile, businesses with lots of reviews to choose from, including fresh anecdotes and photos from customers and thoughtful responses from staff are considerably more likely to appeal to users. On the other side, good businesses must be seen to respond to travellers’ comments, especially any negative ones.

The days of popping into the high street travel agency to book a holiday are fading fast as we now tend to plan our breaks online – often from our smartphones or tablets while we’re on the way to the office! In fact, the entire travel-planning journey is still changing, with the site’s users suggesting that they need a streamlined way to research, organise and book their trips. When asked, 63% of TripAdvisor users said they wanted one convenient location to read reviews, compare prices and book.

Barbara Messing, TripAdvisor’s CMO commented: “The majority of our users are coming to TripAdvisor not just to read reviews but also to compare options for their trip, make an informed decision and book.

“With travelers now finding the end to end solution they need on the site, peer generated reviews are as important as ever. Just as we continue to encourage our community to share their travel experiences, we remind businesses of the importance of engaging with travelers and responding to those all-important reviews.”

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