TripAdvisor reveals this summer’s trending destinations – and London tops the Top 15!

TripAdvisor has just announced this summer’s  emerging  travel trends for British travellers and it seems Britons are booking city breaks and many of us are planning a staycation (again?!)

Although passport hold-ups may account for the new flurry in British breaks,  it’s refreshing to see so many UK cities show up in the new Top 15.

London scoops the No. 1 spot, ahead of Edinburgh (2nd) and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt in third place,  with New York, Manchester, Paris and Orlando close behind.

Interestingly, the Top 15 features a very high number of timeshare favourites, Sharm El Sheikh, Benidorm, Barcelona, Dubai and Orlando among them.

It seems staying close to home is a trend this year for a number of reasons.  With passport renewals on a go-slow,  packed airport season on the horizon and the British summer perking up, it could be that many are looking at a quick city escape before getting away for longer later in the year.

TripAdvisor also notes that 20% of us are searching for 5-star accommodation and  46% for four star properties.

On the activities scale, “outdoor” is the most popular search, followed by “cultural, amusement, museums and landmarks”.

The Top 15 Trending Destinations for early summer 2014 are:

1.       Edinburgh

2.       London

3.       Sharm El Sheikh

4.       New York City

5.       Manchester

6.       Paris

7.       Orlando

8.       Benidorm

9.       Glasgow

10.   Dubai

11.   Barcelona

12.   Liverpool

13.   Rome

14.   Birmingham

15.  Amsterdam

Seeing so many UK cities in the list of top destinations this year is part of a growing trend towards staycations, which will be a boon for Timeshare resort developers in the country, with a surge in demand likely to follow the increased number of guests arriving in these cities.


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