What Timeshare Owners have to say about Timeshare . . .

Timeshare has a very high satisfaction rating amongst owners. Read some of the feedback received . . .

Timeshare Owner testimonials taken from the OTE questionnaire May 2006:

"Time share has worked for all of our family for over 20 years. It is a hassle free way to holiday anywhere in the world. TIME SHARE is the answer for those with TIME SPARE."

"We can honestly say it is the best money we have ever spent. Our complete family of 12 use it every year, that is from 2 – 5 year olds to Gran and Grandad."

"I have enjoyed every aspect of the timeshare experience and have found that in certain areas the standard of accommodation is much higher than the average package holiday options."

"I like the fact that most of the accommodation is 4 star or above and have I never been disappointed, you know what standard you are going to get."

"We wish we could have owned sooner."

We can honestly say it is the best money we have ever spent

"I am not a good holiday planner therefore having a holiday booked is a great advantage."

"We bought our timeshare at a time when our daughters were young and eager to participate in a wide range of activities. The experience has been good for the whole family and our daughters still join us for holidays at our home resort whenever they can."

"We normally go away with friends who have tried their own package holidays and also invited friends who were staying in a hotel and both parties said the quality was far superior to anything they had tried."

"I am happy with RCI & Timeshare & it is better that higher standards & codes are being set in the timeshare industry by professional organisations like OTE."

"I like the home from home feel, without the invasion of others!"

"You know what to expect as far as quality when you arrive in apartment. Sometimes a package can be very disappointing accommodation and why leave a good home to be miserable on holiday?"

"I have had timeshare for many years and thoroughly enjoy the changes of location that it offers."

"It allows us as we grow older to take the opportunity of visiting other locations as well as relaxing with friends at our own resort."

"We have always enjoyed all our holidays we have taken using the exchange system and have been to places we probably would not have been able to afford to stay at. The apartments have always been first class and we have come away very relaxed and refreshed."

"I love the fact that you can exchange to go anywhere in the world."

"My only regret is that i didn’t become an owner sooner."

"As a widow, the timeshare gives me peace of mind that the resort is of a high standard, with no hidden charges when travelling as a single person."

"Over the years my timeshare has been a "family home", "honeymoon retreat", "girly place" and "quiet solace", in fact been able to match my mood and changes of lifestyle, consistent in a changing world – and now my adult children clamour to use it as well!!"

"We enjoy the confidence we have knowing that we will have a top quality experience."

"The quality of service I have received at my resort has been exceptional. So good that my wife has become a member of the owners committee that she can help maintain that quality of service."

"Everybody warned me about timeshare but now they are the ones who are envious of the advantages I have."

"We always travel to our favourite home resort at least once a year – it is a home from home, we often have friends visit sometimes planned, sometimes at the last minute – where else can you do that?"

"Our teenage/young adult children absolutely love the versatility of timeshare and have been all over the world."

"Our timeshare holidays are the best we have ever had, with many more to come, I hope."

"We have never considered anything else after experiencing our first timeshare holiday, a great system that has served us well."

"Compared to travel agents’ prices the cost is such that the initial outlay is soon ‘recovered’ by the savings made."

"Enjoy having lots of different holidays where I know the standards will be similar to my home."

"Definitely the type of holiday experience when you have a family! My two children enjoy timeshare holidays much more than hotels and guest houses."

"Timeshare holidays are by far better than any other . . ."

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