Soundbites: Comments from Timeshare users

We receive many comments about people’s timeshare holidays and stays – the massive majority good. Here are some comments that have passed across our desk recently . . .

"Over the years we have used our banked weeks in many ways. Walking in the mountains of Germany, Austria and Switzerland has kept us fit and healthy and provided us with magnificent scenery, trips on lakes, buses and trains.

"We’ve sunned ourselves in Gran Canaria and, of course, many parts of Tenerife. This year, in March, we had a lovely week in Scotland, near Pitlochry, walking many miles in that beautiful country and admiring the history, architecture and waterfalls. We even managed to choose relatively good weather!"

Barbara Lightowler, Huddersfield

"Families of 7, admittedly, are not the easiest to accommodate or entertain, so we were not expecting to be presented with such a gorgeous apartment – beautifully designed with stylish, spacious rooms, and a balcony that was bigger than the suite itself! Of course, the Jacuzzi on the patio and the shimmering swimming pool just a few metres from out front door both added to the excitement of my brothers and sister as the free taxi dropped us off outside our temporary home."

Izzi Sempill, Bristol

"We love our Timeshare for all the right reasons as it’s our home . . . where we can sit and watch the world go by."

David Bownes, UK

"We get high quality holidays with a huge choice of where to go (as long as you can be flexible and plan ahead) and the costs make it viable to do whatever you want."

Neil Barton, Dorset

"These holidays will last in my memory since we had the freedom to explore and knowing every night we would go back to safe, friendly and high quality accommodation."

Eva Brown, Ayrshire

"When asked how we can go to all those different places and so many times in a year, we say timeshare is not what it was reported to be before, but an excellent way of taking holidays for life, meeting new people, seeing others we have met before and wherever we go the staff are friendly, polite and always helpful."

Linda and Chris Hadiield

"That’s what makes our holidays so special, knowing that no matter where we go each year, and believes me the world is too small to go back to the same resorts, we know that we are always going to be pleasantly surprised with our next choice of vacation."

Jan Davidson, Ayrshire

"Timeshare allows you to do what you want when you want, get up or not, eat in or out, lounge around or be very active either in the resort or in the surrounding countryside."

Jan Tilley, Lancashire

"As we invariably travel with small grandchildren it is essential to find resorts with a high level of security and safety, child amenities and activities. We have found that the quality of both the Pool staff and the Mini-club personnel are second to none at all the resorts, and we can relax knowing that they are in safe hands."

Martin Davis, West Yorkshire

"First thing we noted was the Jacuzzi on the balcony. We needed no words between us, we swiftly unpacked and donned our costumes and entered the blissful foaming waters, heaven on Earth. I even poured us a glass of complimentary champagne I had found in the well stocked fridge, a nice wee touch that."

Ian Nicol, Aberdeen

"As the holiday is paid for and we have room for all the family, our children who are now grown up, still ask us where we are all going this year! They take it for granted that they are included."

Patricia lee-sindi, Exeter

"We have now been visiting every year for 20 years and have slowly upgraded throughout the years as our family grew and now own 2 weeks in a 3 bedroom. The boys (eldest now 25) still insist on coming each year with us to meet their friends."

Sue Bollman, Hampshire

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