Orange Lake Resorts, Orlando – Erik Smith

Holidaymaker Erik Smith, recently spent a week with his family at Orange Lake Resorts in Orlando

Orange Lake Resorts in Orlando is one of the best timeshare opportunities in Florida and is just a stone’s throw from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom® theme park. In fact a 15 minute car ride will take you to its very gates, with Universal Studios being just a 30 minute ride away too!

The resort makes the best use of one of its greatest assets; the generally dependable supply of good Florida weather. The swimming pools are both generous and well laid out with enough variety to cater to most tastes; Boisterous slides for the most active, shallow entry pools for the less so and quiet nooks, poolside bars and private cabanas to suit the least gregarious holidaymaker among us. All pool areas are connected by a winding artificial river. This looping, gently flowing water course allows one to float away an afternoon with a wonderful sense of motion, without effort. Perfect for the workaholic among us who can only truly relax when doing almost nothing! The resort also offers an extensive and well-integrated golfing experience, very nearly from sunrise to sunset.

Childcare, contained youth activities and distractions are plentiful and easy to arrange. Shopping, both for food and flip-flops, is catered for onsite and within a 1 minute car ride of the gate house, although one can of course choose to venture further afield.

Orange Lake Resorts takes care to provide a good experience even when the weather is less co-operative. The apartments themselves are laid out with an eye for comfort and convenience. Master bedroom beds are large, with ample space on both sides, minor bedrooms are likewise spacious and the en-suite facilities in both are very good. Each room benefits from a large-screen television and, at least in the River Island buildings, a wi-fi connection. The decor is as one would expect, rather tropical but decidedly inoffensive.

All in all there is little to complain about, other than the lack of an electric kettle in the kitchen, a peculiarly Floridian trait. I would certainly consider Orange Lake Resorts as high on my list of potential vacation destinations.

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