Holidaying with your four-legged friends? The new changes to Pet Passports

Pet owners looking to holiday with their furry friends are being advised to read up on the changes to the pet travel scheme.

The new changes – including a brand new pet passport – will come into effect from December 29th this year and will include a new EU pet travel Regulation.

The new passport will include laminated strips which will prevent anyone tampering with the information once it has been completed by a vet.

Vets issuing a passport will also need to fill in their details and must include their contact details when they certify vaccinations and treatments. A unique passport number will also be printed on every page of the pet passport.

However, if an animal already has a pet passport, then they do not need a new one. All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owners will also still need:

  • Microchipping
  • Vaccination against rabies

As well as:

  • A blood test 30 days after vaccination (if travelling to or from an unlisted third country)
  • A pet passport issued by an authorised vet
  • A waiting period after vaccination and prior to travel
  • Treatment against the EM tapeworm (dogs only)

Meanwhile, all owners travelling with their pets in the EU may still be asked for a pet passport when entering other countries. Because of this, it is important that each pet is compliant with the rules of the EU pet travel scheme before leaving the UK.

In particular, there must be a 21-day wait from the date of an animal’s rabies vaccination before travel. Pets must also be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated.

For the full details of the changes made to the pet travel system – including those entering the UK or the EU by air, or travelling with five or more animals – visit information-for-pet-owners



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