EU cuts data roaming charges by over 50% from July 1 with plans to eliminate charges completely

We all know how those holiday extras can really add up, don’t we? Overweight baggage, airport taxis, unexpected admin extras…and – everyone’s bugbear – roaming charges!

It’s the moment we dread. You get back from a blissful week at your timeshare resort, only to find you’ve spent a small fortune catching up with friends back home from your overseas office – the sun-lounger.

In an age when we all rely on our phones and people increasingly travel across borders, we’re still paying a pretty hefty price to keep in touch with friends and family while we’re away.

Thankfully, the EU has introduced caps on data roaming which in turn has seen a steep rise in the consumption of data. Now, texts and phone calls are getting cheaper.

In fact this July the EU will once again axe costs by capping data costs by half of what they are now – this will see prices fall from 45 cents per megabyte to only 20 cents. What does this mean for us? It’ll be a lot cheaper to check email, use apps such as maps and social networks whilst travelling in the EU.

Even better, so that you know what you’ll be charged for and what you’ll be spending, you can obtain a specific roaming deal from mobile providers in Europe allowing you to compare roaming offers. These deals enable you to hook up to the local data service provider to do your daily email-check, upload your holiday snaps and scan through the news carefree whilst away.

And it looks like roaming charges could even be history, sooner or later. The Commission’s Connected Continent regulation seeks to eliminate charges entirely in the EU whilst also offering guaranteed open internet.

The European Commission says the cuts to roaming charges are a good step but not enough, adding that we shouldn’t be charged in an open single market.

Timeshare owners who have used their phones abroad every year will notice a substantial reduction in their bills under the new changes, especially with the increased data requirements of iPhones and other devices.    The lower cost of data will mean that fewer people buy local SIM cards during their stay which makes it easier for people to get in touch with them on their regular number rather than making do with a temporary one that changes each year.

Watch this space, we’ll keep you updated if we hear further news!

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