RDO welcomes the closure of Club Class Companies by High Court

9th October 2012: RDO’s Chief Executive, Paul Gardner-Bougaard, welcomed the press release by The Insolvency Service, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, announcing the High Court decision to close 7 Club Class Companies based in UK, Gibraltar and Seychelles*. Speaking on the announcement he said, "RDO’s Enforcement team, based in Spain, has for a number of years been monitoring and reporting the activities of this group to the authorities, and we are delighted that at last closure of their scam operations has been ordered."

* The Insolvency Service release can be found here: http://rnn.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/Press-Releases/Seven-Club-Class-holiday-companies-wound-up-by-Insolvency-Service-68160.aspx

Note to Editors – RDO is the trade association, which represents all the major timeshare developers in the EU. The organisation runs a 4 man Enforcement Team based in the Canary Islands in Spain and has been monitoring the activities of Club Class for a number of years, including using private enquiry agents to monitor their sales process and complaining to the ASA along with TATOC, the timeshare owners association, about misleading TV ads being shown by their sister company ITRA on UK channels. The complaint was upheld and the ads withdrawn. RDO has over the years lobbied the Commission about the activities of companies such as this and as a result, the 2nd Timeshare Directive, which came into force in 2011, sought to strictly regulate the activities of these types of companies.

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