BIS Petition to Wind Up Seven Club Class Companies is Granted

The High Court in London granted the BIS its petition made over a year ago by Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to close down seven Club Class companies. The hearing was adjourned last year at the request of the lawyers acting for Club Class, but was resumed this week.

These companies are linked to ITRA, an organisation whose activities are well-known both to RDO’s enforcement department and to consumer bodies such as TATOC, the UK based association for timeshare owners.

Club Class companies being closed 

  • UK based Club Class Concierge Ltd

  • UK based Bridge View Consultants Ltd

  • Seychelles based Club Class concierge plc

  • Seychelles based Club Class International plc
Seychelles based Club Class Holdings Ltd

  • Seychelles based Club Class Corporation plc

  • Seychelles based Club Class plc

RDO’s Enforcement team will continue to monitor the activities of the remaining companies in this Group and bring their activities to the notice of the relevant authorities wherever necessary.

A Press Release is expected shortly from the BIS relating to this case and it will be put up on the RDO and GoTimeshare sites as and when it is available.

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