Timeshare is a popular form of holiday ownership where you buy the right to spend time at a holiday property. You can either buy timeshare at a fixed time of year at a resort or you can buy ‘timeshare points’ which you can exchange for stays at a variety of destinations. This gives you extra flexibility on your holiday options.

At Gotimeshare we have a range of resources to help you understand timeshare and get useful information if you are considering buying a timeshare or selling a timeshare. We also have a resource for Timeshare fans where video testimonials and other resources are available from timeshare owners.

The Timeshare Industry

The timeshare industry started in Europe in the 1960’s and has grown into a multi billion pound industry with timeshare resorts across the World. Over 50% of timeshare units are situated in Europe and the United States but timeshare units in Mexico, Thailand and India are becoming increasingly popular. There are well over 5000 timeshare resorts across the world now with over 1250 situated in Europe. The Canary Islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife are popular timeshare locations as are the holiday resorts along the Spanish mainland.