Timeshare Owners unaffected by rising Hotel Rates

The cost of overnight hotel stays in Europe has risen by up to 49%, according to the latest monthly Trivago Hotel Price Index figures.

Trivago’s research reveals that a one night stay in September now costs an average of £105 compared to £90 in August (room rate based on hotel searches in Europe). The picture, however, is quite different in London and Edinburgh now that demand for hotel rooms in those cities has eased off. In both cities prices have fallen following the London 2012 Paralympic Games and the popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with average hotel rates down by 11% and 33% respectively for September, compared to prices in August.

Fortunately, timeshare owners are unaffected by fluctuating hotel rates because holiday costs are locked in well in advance. Elsewhere in the UK, the Trivago Hotel Price Index reported increases in every other main city except for Glasgow which didn’t fluctuate. Manchester prices are up an average of 16% and Brighton, 20%.

Europe, however, has seen some of the highest hikes with prices up by approximately 17% in European capitals. The survey showed Paris hotel prices have shot up by 49% this month, Berlin by 48%, Venice up 43% – in a city already famous for its very high hotel rates – the average for September being about £206. Rome prices have risen 43%, approx. £125 a night. Meanwhile, Geneva hotel rates have gone up 20%, with the average cost of a room in the Swiss city now £202.

While it’s always advisable to book timeshare resorts well ahead of time, some companies offer exceptional last minute deals at a select number of resorts. Swiss timeshare pioneers Hapimag, for example, are offering last minute specially priced holidays for September to the chic Greek destination Porto Heli as well as Damnoni in Crete. Last minute offers are also available at other destinations including the Algarve and Marrakech. To view the offers, please visit the following links:

Porto Heli, Greecehttp://www.hapimag.com/en/last-minute-porto-heli.htm

Albufeira, The Algarve http://www.hapimag.com/en/last-minute-albufeira.htm

Marrakech, Moroccohttp://www.hapimag.com/en/last-minute-marrakech.htm

Damnoni, Crete http://www.hapimag.com/en/last-minute-damnoni.htm

For details on how to become a Hapimag member please visit http://www.hapimag.com or its member information page http://www.hapimag.com/en/for-members.htm
In addition, members who have a Hapimag Card can take advantage of numerous benefits, complimentary offers and discounts. For details please see http://www.hapimag.com/en/hapimagcard.htm

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