Silverpoint launches new travel guide app, SilverpointGo

Leading timeshare specialist Silverpoint has created SilverpointGo, a brand new global travel guide app for mobile devices.

Available in both Android and iOS, the app is free to download and provides a wealth of useful content, much of it accessible without being online. Used with an internet connection the app delivers even richer travel content and information – such as live weather reports, location maps, currency converters, language translation and a whole host of other useful features including:

  • Location – find out what the location is like and how to get around once you are there
  • Accommodation – information and booking enquiry system to get you the right accommodation at the best price
  • Going out – the low down on the destination’s most popular restaurants
  • What to do – Best excursions, activities and attractions
  • Good to know – Lots of tips and advice to ensure you know what to expect when you reach your holiday destination
  • Maps – Never struggle with directions thanks to the SilverpointGo’s  handy map feature
  • Social media overlay– Share your holiday experiences via your chosen social community and “check in” with location-based, social networking websites such as foursquare or facebook.
  • Dream Destinations – Great ideas for the exotic holidays you will remember for ever
  • Rest of the World – This online travel search facility utilises Freebase content to provide you with information on just about anywhere on the planet
  • Extras – Real time weather report, currency converter and a handy translator facility to make your life easier when enjoying your holiday abroad
  • Promotional offers – To ensure you get the very best value for your holiday money

Mark Cushway, Silverpoint CEO, said: “The SilverpointGo travel guide is part of the company’s commitment to finding new ways to engage with its member base as well as appealing to a new generation of customers.

“Within a very short space of time we have seen our company websites being accessed by an increasingly larger number of mobile phones and tablets. This app gives those people a chance to enjoy Silverpoint content in a medium specifically designed for their devices”.

To get your free version of the SilverpointGo Travel Guide app visit

“Silverpoint – incredible places, incredible people, incredible journeys”

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