Resort Properties owners benefit from Silverpoint takeover


Following on from the recent press release announcing the exciting takeover of Resort Properties by Silverpoint Group Holding, the company would like to address a number of questions which have been raised by the ownership base.

Many owners were keen to find out more about the acquisition and specifically how it will affect their ownership.

CEO of Silverpoint Leisure ™, Mark Cushway, had this to say about the buyout and the effect that this development will have on the current owners: “We are really excited about this acquisition – the resorts are first-class and there is a large and happy owner base. I am convinced we have the perfect foundation to release the Silverpoint Vacation Club and other ground-breaking products.

“We have invested heavily at a time when many companies are cutting back because we want to provide the best value for our customers and we want them to be thrilled with their product and happy to pay their service fees. Silverpoint, as a company, also owns over 12,000 weeks and is committed to ensuring that the product is so desirable that it continues to hold a high market value – both for those wishing to resell and for the company itself”.

Here are some of the most popular questions that have been raised by existing owners:

Q: Where does the Silverpoint takeover leave me legally?
A: Exactly as before – you still own a deeded week held in trust by the trustees and your home resorts are still TATOC accredited.

Q: How will the Silverpoint Vacation Club enhance my ownership?
A: Silverpoint has developed a wide range of benefits to ensure that the Vacation Club is a leading product in the holiday industry. Silverpoint is keen to offer these incredible benefits to all Tenerife owners.More information about the ground-breaking Silverpoint Vacation Club can be found at

Q: Is my week ownership automatically moved over to the Silverpoint Vacation Club product?
A: No – Silverpoint will only do this once you have opted into the Vacation Club. Your next visit to your home resort is the perfect opportunity to find out how this incredible product has taken all the best aspects of Holiday Ownership over the last 35 years and moulded them into one of the most innovative leisure products in the world.

Q: If I have a week listed for sale where do I stand?
A: Silverpoint is committed to honouring all existing listings and will be writing to the individual owners in due course.

Owners who have questions that are not answered above should contact the Silverpoint Customer Service department by one of the following methods or visit the Silverpoint Customer Service website:

Talk to the team in person
The Customer Service Centre is situated at the Hollywood Mirage Club in Tenerife. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 4.30pm.

By telephone
Please call the Customer Service Department on 0800 949 6035. Lines are open between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

By email
Write an email at:

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