Interest in Flexjet Fractional Ownership Rises

Flexjet fractional ownership can be a decent alternative to standard air travel.

Bombardier has said that rising interest in its Flexjet fractional ownership and jet card business is down to the increasingly difficult nature of flying.

Bob Knebel, vice-president of sales and marketing for Flexjet, pointed to recent security issues and the hubbub of the Christmas and new year period.

This has helped garner interest in the fractional ownership flying option, he explained, and this will be sustained if these issues remain.

He suspects that these problems will stay visible for some time based on what has been seen over recent weeks.

Individuals or firms can buy shares in a Bombardier Learjet or Challenger aircraft based on hours of flying time, with the firm managing aircraft maintenance as well as flight crews, hangars, fuel and insurance.

Those that opt for the Flexjet 25 Jet Card option will get to choose how many days and hours they want to fly every year and select from price levels that suit their financial plans.

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