GoTimeshare taps into the Pinterest buzz

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and now GoTimeshare is tapping into one of the fastest spreading social networks with the launch of its brand new Pinterest page

It’s part of the Resort Developments Organization’s social media campaign to spread awareness – particularly to younger timeshare buyers and owners – about the many benefits of today’s timeshare lifestyle.

GoTimeshare’s Pinterest page showcases the resort destinations of RDO members and also features news and advice on buying and choosing timeshare.

There are five main boards on the new Pinterest page: News (featuring updates about RDO members or the industry), Guidance, Experiences, Destinations and Resorts, with descriptions and links to the destinations.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is all about showing, not telling. And, given the fact that some social media experts claim over 50% of FB users make buying or brand decisions based on friends’ photos, Pinterest is one of the most immediate ways to convey the look and feel of destinations and resorts and defining the top timeshare holiday brands in photos.

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