Eurostar Number Crunchers

290,000 omelettes at 200mph

Back in November 2007 when Eurostar launched its new high speed London to Paris train service, it changed the way we travel through northern Europe. With its easy 30-minute check in and smooth security procedures, letting the train take the strain is the hassle-free way to get to Calais, Lille, Paris or Brussels and network connections to Amsterdam, Cologne and now Marseille (6hr 15m) have made it possible to criss-cross part of Europe – ideal if you’re not keen on flying.

Fancy a spot of shopping in France? Board in London and you’ll be in Calais in superfast time – just one hour and two minutes.

Eurostar ploughed £5.8 into London’s St. Pancras station to upgrade the line when it launched, making our journeys faster, smoother and hassle-free. For business travellers there’s the advantage of extra time on the laptop – you can settle in and get a good couple of hours’ work in (or just sit back, relax and admire the scenery to the soundtrack of your mp3 player) before reaching the French capital.

On board its trains during 2010, Eurostar served:

290,000 omelettes, 325,000 espressos, 31,000 poached eggs, 37,000 spitfire ale sausages and over half a million glasses of champagne – 576,000 altogether.

More Tunnel Trivia…

35%…the percentage by which Eurostar has pledged to cut carbon emissions per traveller journey by 2012 (it has already achieved its original 25% target).

50.45km…is the length of the three underground tunnels (there are two train tunnels and an extra service tunnel).

20 minutes…is the time it takes to go through the tunnel – and as soon as you see daylight again you’re in France – or the UK – depending on which direction you’re heading.

100m…the deepest point the Channel Tunnel reaches, below sea level, linking Britain with France.

208mph (334.7km)…the record-breaking top speed achieved by a Eurostar train when it was testing the UK High Speed line in July 2003, although the trains in service travel at a maximum speed of 186 mph – fast enough to get you there in record time, but not so fast that you miss the scenery.


London – Calais 1hr 2m
London – Lille 1hr 20m
London – Brussels 1hr 51m
London – Paris 2hr 15m

For Eurostar information, destinations and prices, visit

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