Diamond Resorts on Exceptional Products and “The Meaning of Yes”

Las Vegas-based Diamond Resorts International are well known not just for their standards of hospitality and impressive resorts, but also their innovative and positive business philosophy.

Diamond now have some 220 branded and affiliated resorts in 28 countries and a total of approximately 490,00 owners and members. Each year, over 1.4 million owners, members and their guests enjoy a holiday at a Diamond Resort somewhere in the world.

Steering the brand full steam ahead is Diamond’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen J. Cloobeck. He believes the group’s success is due in large part to its employees’ dedication to Diamond’s “The Meaning of Yes” excellence-in-service programme.

The secret is not merely meeting guests’ expectations, but exceeding them, and Diamond have a reputation for doing that exceedingly well.

As Cloobeck explains, “We chose ‘The meaning of Yes’ because ‘yes’ because ‘yes’ is the same in every language. You have to smile when you say ‘yes’. All our team members worldwide understand this concept – it’s our credo. It’s on every front desk at every one of our resorts.”

Then there’s Diamond’s Customer 360 customer service programme which includes a special computerised system that provides background information about owners, members and their guests which enables Diamond to maintain their high standards of signature customer service.

David Palmer, President and Chief financial Officer at Diamond Resorts International, says, “Customer 360 provides the tools necessary for Diamond team members to be proactive and anticipate the needs of guests, while at the same time creating a unique and personalised vacation for each individual.”

Central to the guest experience, of course, is the product itself – and that’s where Diamond excels, too. As Alan Bentley, Executive VP for Europe notes, both quality and location are crucial:

“Our core resort groups in Europe and around the world are located in sought-after locations, such as Tenerife, Lanzarote, Portugal, the Costa del Sol and over a dozen locations in the UK,” he says.

Bentley adds that Diamond have more than doubled their owned and affiliated international resort locations to over 220, which includes 62 in Europe. Beachfront, golf, ski, water park resorts, chic city and luxurious countryside locations are all available to members, while cruise fans will be happy to know that Diamond offer cruises, too, through their partnership deal with Norwegian Cruise Line.

To find out more about Diamond Resorts International and to watch a personal welcome from the group’s Chairman and CEO Stephen J. Cloobeck visit www.diamondresorts.com

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