Brand New Marriott St Pancras Renaissance Opens This Spring

Historic hotel has direct access to St Pancras Station concourse for Eurostar departures

Holidaymakers travelling to their timeshare resort by Eurostar can now start or end their holiday in style with a night at the new Marriott St Pancras Renaissance Hotel which opens March 14.

One of the most historic properties in Marriott’s portfolio, the hotel is a Grade 1 listed Victorian property. A full restoration has just been completed with the support of English Heritage and conveniently, the hotel has direct access to the concourse of the also newly renovated St. Pancras International train station, Europe’s gateway to London and the UK and main London base of Eurostar.

Poet Sir John Betjeman called the Gothic treasure “too beautiful and too romantic to survive” among London’s concrete blocks but now, after careful restoration, it has a new lease of life and looks set to join the list of London’s most iconic hotels. Gold leaf ceilings, hand-stencilled wall designs and the famous grand staircase with cathedral ceiling – regarded as Europe’s grandest staircase – give guests a sense of walking into an era of Victorian grandeur, luxury and romance.

Queen Victoria first opened the hotel in 1873 and its doors will open again after the £150 million renovation project which includes a major 120,000 sq ft extension to the original building.

The hotel symbolises the completion of St. Pancras’s renovation project, three years on from when it started in late 2007.

Marriott is offering 25% discounts on bookings in March and April to celebrate the opening and for more information, please visit

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