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K rises to no.7 on World Economic Forum Tourism Competitiveness ranking

The week starts off on a cheerful note with the news that the UK has soared four places into the Top 10 spot, in seventh place in this year’s 2011 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. It has just been released by the World Economic Forum, and it’s the fourth year that the WEF has carried out the rankings.

This year, 139 countries were judged according to how attractive they are from a tourism development perspective. The UK moved up the list to 7th place from 11th place amid a long list of competitors. The World Economic Forum commended Britain’s “supportive policy environment” overall.

The top three were Switzerland, Germany and France, with Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Spain and Singapore filling the rest of the top ten slots. The Swiss, renowned worldwide for their impeccable standards across the board, are no strangers to the top spot as Switzerland has topped the rankings in previous years.

The WEF’s assessments are backed by travel organisations including IATA and the World Travel and Tourism Council, and by an opinion survey of industry chief executives. Cyprus and Greece didn’t make the top ten but they are in the top 30, in 24th and 29th place.
The report said, “The UK’s travel and tourism competitiveness is based on its excellent cultural resources, strong human resources and solid air transport infrastructure. The country also benefits from a supportive policy environment.”

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