Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket launches new Loyalty Rewards

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket have just launched a brand new rewards programme to bring its customers a range of offers on numerous luxury holiday experiences from spa breaks to cruises to golfing getaways.

Timeshare owners using WWTH’s services can now look forward to a variety of tempting rewards coming their way through the new Loyalty Rewards launch, which includes discounts on cruises, resorts and tour holidays – even fine wines!

What sort of transactions will qualify for the new loyalty rewards? Payment of WWTH’s eXpectations Holiday Club’s management fees, for example, or Loyalty Rewards would be awarded when a seller places his or her  weeks for sale on WWTH’s website.

Customers can also continue to earn packages of discounts which can be used towards once in a lifetime experiences, such as with specialist cruise brand International Cruise & Excursion Gallery Europe Limited (“ICE”), through ICE’s partnership with WWTH.

“We are very excited by today’s announcement as it gives us an additional way to provide extra benefits to our customers and to open up a whole new range of experiences and product discounts,” says Phil Watson, CEO of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket.

“Giving people the chance to save £100 off a golf package, or £50 off a case of wine or even £500 off a cruise means that our customers can make their money go even further in today’s tougher economy.”


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