Unique Finnish programme Seatime boatshare affiliates with RCI

Finnish entrepreneurs and Mikko Kauppinen and Jan-Erik Rae, founders of Seatime in Finland, have come up with a unique boatshare shared ownership club which lets members enjoy life on the ocean waves without the sinking price tag of owning your own yacht outright.

Both are experienced sailors who have spent a lot of their lives out on the waves (Mikko in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea as well as on Finnish waters), so the idea of a private boatshare club made total sense.

Seatime lets members reserve sailing weeks on a choice of sailing boats so they can enjoy all of the perks of ‘owning’ their own boat – without the often daunting costs.  The annual cost of a boat can easily climb into thousands of euros including storage fees, while maintenance and management can become a headache, particularly when things go wrong.

Factor in depreciating value and the hassle of selling a boat when you no longer want it, and sailboat ownership can take a big bite out of your wallet.

The Seatime concept allows everyone to enjoy boating every year when they want – easily, flexibly and affordably – much in the same way that a timeshare resort or property works.

Now RCI has added Seatime to its extensive international portfolio of exchange holidays and resorts, to offer a splash of something quite different for its members.

Seatime’s sailboats include two new luxury three bedroom yachts, both equipped with the latest technology. The boats are available from mid-May to mid-September through RCI.

The vessels are moored at Kultaranta Resort marina in Naantali, just 18 kilometres from Turku international airport and six kilometres from Naantali’s Old Town. The nearby Turku and Aland archipelagos are made up of many rocky islands, offering an abundance of destinations and routes to choose from within a short distance of one another.

The yachts include the SEA I, a 34-foot vessel, and the SEA II, a 38-foot boat offering an extra double sofa bed. Onboard each, three cabins, a living area with partial kitchens and a bathroom provide comfortable accommodation. Guests can spend several days at sea, easily and quickly exploring one of the most beautiful and untouched sailing destinations in the world.

There’s time to enjoy all the Kultaranta resort has to offer – getting out for a game or two on to the golf course, dining out or relaxing in the resort spa. Picturesque Naantali Old Town, which is home to a stone church built in 1462, as well as many restaurants and bars, is well worth exploring while a short sail away, the city of Turku offers tours in a wide range of languages of a wonderful 13th century castle, an awe-inspiring cathedral dating from 1300, and the Luostarinmäki Handicraft Museum that brings history to life with demonstrations of metalwork, woodwork and jewelry making.

Note: Sailing experience is essential and the crew must include a minimum of two knowledgeable sailors who can provide documented evidence of their sailing qualifications and who must undertake tuition on the vessel prior to setting sail.

For more information, visit RCI.com or RCIAffiliates.com.


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