Timeshare lovers enjoy 24 days of holiday each year


US holiday-loving timeshare owners enjoyed an average of 24 nights of leisure breaks last year, according to vacation exchange provider Interval International.


Interval also revealed that its US members boast an average annual household income of $121,550 – more than twice the average.


According to the company’s US Membership Profile, up to 18 per cent of Interval’s American members also said that they are likely to purchase additional vacation time in the future.


Bryan Ten Broek, Interval’s senior vice president of resort sales and business development for the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean, said:

“We’re very pleased to share these positive results that are reflective of an improving U.S. economy.


“We’re seeing member income levels hold steady and an increase in the nights they’re traveling for leisure, and in length of stay.”


The survey also revealed that more than half (53.5%) of respondents own more than one week of shared vacation ownership time.


Of those likely to purchase more vacation time, almost one in three suggested that they would be interested in buying in Florida. The next most desired states are Hawaii and California.


Meanwhile, those wanting to purchase additional vacations were most interested in two bedroom options.



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