The Best and Worst Travel Buzzwords

From floatels and flocations to glamping and jetiquette, the travel industry is packed with weird, wonderful and sometimes annoying buzzwords. This week,, a boating holiday specialist, unveiled some crackers as a report in Travelmole called for travellers to embark on a “flocation” – a domestic break, or “staycation”, but on water.

For example the CEO of Lateboat said recently: “I think staycations are great, in theory, but in practice I’ve found that you don’t really get away from it all – and if you want to see more than one place, it’s endless packing and unpacking. With ‘staycations’ on the increase, I don’t believe heading for the beaches will be a relaxing option this year. Perhaps a more relaxing option is a flocation?”

The word staycation first popped up in the British language in 2009, when the global financial crisis and the weak pound made overseas holidays less affordable.

Yet ever since then, PR firms and tourist boards have since come up with dozens of annoying alternatives. Here are some of the best and worst:

Neighcation – horse-riding holiday

Daycation – a one-day holiday

Weighcation – dieting holiday

Gaycation – as it sounds

Mancation – think paintballing, tequila tasting and tickets to the F1

Traincation – rail holidays

Spacation – spas in Britain

Dogcation – holidays with your four legged friend

Momcation – US only!

Meanwhile, marketing wags have extended their rebranding skills with other annoying buzzwords, including:

Floatel – a hotel on water

Voluntourism – combining a holiday with charity work

Glamping – roughing it on an organic farm in a boho-chic teepee

Babymoon – a holiday when your ready to pop

Wellness – just an awful word

Intuitive medical – this will be replacing “wellness” soon, we’re told

Spafari – safaris combined with “wellness”

Doga – yoga with Fido

Cinetourism – visiting a destination associated with a film. A slum tour of Mumbai, for example, or “Hobbiton”, in New Zealand

Jetiquette – how to behave on a flight

Flightseeing – viewing an attraction, the Grand Canyon, for example, from an aircraft

Digital detox – a holiday without your mobile, tablet or laptop

Twixmas – a short break between Christmas and New Year

Brokepacking – backpacking on a budget

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