Ten Ways to save Money on Travel in 2016

Plan ahead, stay flexible and find those really cheap flights are the name of the game but there are other ways to save on your travel costs, too.

Here are GoTimeshare’s ten tips to save Money so you can splurge more on your well earned holidays in the New Year.

  1. The obvious one – be flexible.  If you have a certain destination in mind, try to be flexible with the dates of travel.  If you have set travel dates and flights, etc. are expensive, think about an alternative destination.
  2. Use an unlocked smartphone (or buy a cheap phone at your destination) as you’ll save a lot of money by using local SIM cards, so when you’re in Portugal use one of the local providers’ sims, etc.  You can pick up very inexpensive Nokia phones in most countries from around £20 upwards. You won’t be able to take photos or surf the web but you’ll save more and have more to spend on going out! And once you’ve got a cheap unlocked phone you can just keep it safe and take it away with you next time.
  3. Stay in self-catering timeshare. This savings on this can be huge! Especially if you are family of four upwards.  Being able to eat at home means you can whip up a nice pasta with fresh tomato sauce and local parmesan for a fraction of the cost of four places of spaghetti in the local trattoria. If you have dinner early enough you’ll still have time to pop out and people watch over a coffee. Alternatively, order in pizza and add on a huge, healthy salad using products you bought at the local market.
  4. Don’t take taxis.  It’s tempting to jump into the first taxi you see at the airport upon arrival, but do your homework – or ask at information – and four of you could be heading to your destination for the price of a few single journey bus fares.
  5. See if you can get away from a Tuesday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Wednesday.  These are the cheapest days of the week to fly.
  6. Book your flight as far in advance as possible.  Although all-in holidays can be cheaper at the last minute, flights are usually not.  Ridiculously reasonable fares like £19 from Seville to Marrakech on Ryanair come up surprisingly often, so check fares two or three months ahead and keep tracking them as they’ll usually go up in price the closer it gets to your departure date.
  7. Take your Kindle with you.  If reading by the pool is your idea of heaven, you’ll get stung for the price of a paperback at the hotel gift shop. Instead, download a couple of novels for around £5 and you’ll also save on suitcase weight and space.
  8. Depending on your destination, pack light and buy clothes there.  If you’re in Bali and planning to wear sarongs, just take one with you and buy more there. The same goes for countries like Morocco – things like Hammama-style striped cotton towels (useful for the beach or to sit on by the pool) are at least half price there compared to buying them at home.
  9. Fill up on street food.  This one comes with a caveat – be very careful about where you eat if you’re eating street food, but if you just need a snack before getting home at night, a packet of French fries with peanut sauce in Belgium will save you popping into a restaurant for dinner. However street food is a number one source of food poisoning, so again, use your judgement on this one.
  10. Research the free attractions at your destination before you leave the UK! You’ll be amazed at how many cities, even, have free art shows, music performances or special free days at museums. If you plan things well you could fill a week full of beach days and free cultural evenings – top that off with eating at home and just going out for drinks and you’ll be well on your way to painlessly saving up for your next trip!

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