Ski or Sea? 5 Reasons to splurge on a ski (not beach!) break this season

We’re so sun-deprived in the UK that it’s all too tempting to always opt for the sand, sea and sangria timeshare escape in the winter months. But while Tenerife is appealing, there are certain advantages to taking to the ski slopes, instead.

Here are five reasons why you might want to think about swapping your next beach break for some time out on the ski slopes.


1. The fitness factor

Sunning yourself on a beach bed sounds especially appealing at this time of year when the only warmth we get is courtesy of night time radiators! But after cocooning ourselves in central heating, the crisp, dry air of the mountains and activity out on the slopes makes for a much healthier holiday in very many ways. The clean, pristine air, the complete change of scenery, working those leg muscles you forgot you had…few things are more exhilarating than flying down a mountain and few things are as satisfying as mastering the art of skiing in the first place.The sunlounger may sound relaxing but chances are you’ll return home fitter, perhaps slimmer and much more energised after a week on the slopes.

2. The magic of the mountains

Tucking into roast turkey in 22C of winter sun on Christmas day in Tenerife lacks that whole magical festive feel. Instead, savour those snow-laden mountains, picturesque pine-dotted villages and all round chocolate box magic …and nothing beats a big hot chocolate and melting Swiss ham and Gruyere grilled sandwich after a workout on the slopes! And you’ll still need to take a good SPF with you – there’s nothing quite as healthy looking as a post-ski tan!

3. The weather

Why ski when you could be basking in 23C sun? Because as we know too well, there’s no such thing as guaranteed winter sun! The beauty of winter sports is that you can do them in almost any kind of weather, barring a storm, so you will never face the disappointment of wandering around a gloomy, damp beach resort when the weather forecast looks grim for the next 3 days. Not to mention having to return to your chilly, ceramic-tiled, not very cosy suite after a day of windy, rainy sightseeing about town.

4. The Snow

Climate change is affecting ski resorts around the world, so snow may become an even rarer thing than it is now. It covers the rooftops in its magical “hush” at night, cushions ski falls and it’s oh so pretty to take photos of. Snow brings out our childish sense of wonder and takes us back to that first white Christmas we still remember.

5. The Apres-ski

Even if you don’t ski, you could spend your day taking winter walks, swimming in the hotel pool or indulging in a few spa sessions, and of course there’s always the apre-ski scene to look forward to. Ski resorts are deservedly famous for their nightlife. From the late into the night nightclubs to cosy pub-style bars where you’ll warm up in seconds with your first glass of schnapps, to Alpine bistros serving meltingly tempting fondue, the whole apres-ski scene is as much a part of a ski holiday as the skiing itself.
And last but not least, if by any remote chance you’ll be near the Swedish ski resort of Lindvallen north of Stockholm, you could pop into the ski-through McDonald’s, aptly named a McSki…

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