RCI Platinum Shines

The new RCI Platinum membership has been launched and brings more benefits than ever to RCI members. The programme is a higher tier of RCI membership that brings many lifestyle enhancements to members which can be enjoyed at home and abroad.

Among the new ways RCI members can now get greater value from their timeshare ownership through RCI Platinum membership are the ability to upgrade units and request a resort change in the destination area up to three days before check-in; for Weeks members – the automatic restoration of full Trading Power, free of charge, for Weeks deposited up to six months in advance of the departure date; for Points members – the opportunity to extend the life of their Points for two years for the price of a one year extension, plus free Points transfers to another eligible RCI Points member’s account to combine and boost the exchange value of those Points.

“There has never been a better time to become an RCI Platinum member,” said Grace Salaman, Head of Product for RCI Europe and Middle East. “We will continue to look for ways in which to bring greater value, flexibility and travel opportunities to our members. We have calculated that, for the £49 Platinum membership upgrade, our members could receive more than £500 value out of the increasing range of RCI Platinum membership benefits available to them.”

The new benefits are in addition to the existing RCI Platinum membership offering which includes a 50 per cent off or 2-for-1 dining discount at over 7,500 UK restaurants with a free £79.95 tastecard membership; luggage tracking service; £50 off car hire or a hotel booking each year; a first sight preview of highly demanded Exchange Holidays; and £20 back on selected RCI bookings to build credits on account to put towards future RCI holidays.

For more information visit RCI.com or call 0845 60 86 380

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