RCI Launches Innovative New Pilot Programme


Leading vacation exchange specialist RCI is expanding its range of innovative tools and services to support the operations of its affiliates and enhance the experience of RCI members.

RCI has confirmed it will use dynamic marketing materials to help boost sales, as well as continuing to focus on social media and staff recognition.

The company recently launched a pilot programme placing RCI representatives on site at resorts in key destinations across its European resorts.

The scheme will make the RCI experience even more enjoyable – and educational – by offering owners and potential purchasers a professional one-to-one service and providing information about RCI, timeshare exchange and shared-vacation ownership in general.

Commenting on new enhancements, Dimitris Manikis, RCI’s vice president business development EMEA and managing director for South Africa, said: “Having RCI representatives on site and visible to owners and potential owners is something many resorts have been asking us to do.

“It adds to the credibility not only of the resort and its product, but the exchange system and timeshare in general. Having a friendly professional face to speak with and explain things can make all the difference to an owner or prospect who wants a better understanding of exchange.”


Other RCI initiatives supporting its continuously expanding affiliate community include:


•   RCI Presenter – a touchscreen interactive sales tool that adds a dynamic new element and edge to sales presentations.


•   Marketing materials – RCI offers a range of anti-rescission and point of sale tools, including anti-rescission DVDs, Weeks and Points product benefits leaflets and guides, welcome kits and more.


•   The Timeshare Online Learning Centre (TOLC) – a service providing round-the-clock online media monitoring.


•   RCI Award for Developer Achievement (RADA) – an awards programme to recognise and reward developers and their staff for their ongoing efforts in sales and service.


•   RCI Ventures – one of the industry’s leading, and longest-running, business magazines, covering a broad range of industry news, developments, expert views and inspiring ideas within the world of shared ownership.

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