Why Malta is a must visit destination

So you’re looking for that next captivating holiday destination, but you’re not sure which to choose?

Have no fear because GoTimeshare is here to take the stress out of this process and help you discover beautiful places that you may not have even considered. Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and the UK are all popular countries to visit and this is completely understandable as they all have so much to offer, but have you ever considered Malta? If not we’re here to tell you why Malta is a must visit destination!

For those of you who don’t yet know, Malta is a southern European country, officially known as the Republic of Malta, consisting of an archipelago located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The three islands that make up the Maltese archipelago are Malta, Gozo and Comino, and they are located around 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. The population of Malta is approximately 400,000 people spread across the three islands.

Malta is the largest island and is the commercial, administrative and cultural centre. The more rural Gozo is the second largest island, and is characterised by fishing, agriculture, crafts and tourism. Between these two is the much smaller of the trio, Comino which has one hotel and is largely uninhabited.

Amazing climate:

Malta has a typical warm and sunny climate that is characteristic of a southern Mediterranean country and one that is influenced by the sea. There is a glorious daily average of 12 hours of sunshine in the summer, with a hot, dry climate. Generally though temperatures never become too hot because of very pleasant cooling sea breezes. Spring and autumn is cooler, but nonetheless still warm and sunny, and while there can be occasional short, cold spells in the winter, the temperatures are generally mild and pleasant with plenty of sun.

There is also generally very little rainfall with only an average of 568mm per year. One of the best aspects of the climate is that even during the ‘winter’ months it is still quite possible sometimes to swim in the sea, and peak beach season can last well into the end of October. This is a far cry from the cold of northern European countries!

Gorgeous sandy beaches:

You may have heard that Malta only has a couple of sandy beaches, with mostly stoney coastlines, not always ideal if you are looking for a beach holiday. This is just a myth though, with plenty of gorgeous sandy beaches perfect for a relaxing day of sunbathing. The waters around Malta are also crystal clear and great for swimming and snorkelling, with many beaches being blessed with shallow waters perfect for safe bathing for the whole family. Take a look at the top ten beaches in Malta as chosen by the Azure TV team:

Malta is not all golden sands and perfect blue skies though, there is some fascinating culture and beautiful architecture to enjoy as you stroll around the narrow meandering streets of the Maltese towns and villages. Invariably these streets lead towards the main square where you will find a captivating baroque church to visit and numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

Fascinating history:

The islands have quite rightly been described as an open-air museum, as dotted around the countryside you will discover medieval towers, ancient chapels and other fascinating historical structures. In fact Malta is set apart from other Mediterranean destinations by the sheer number of archeological sites which include one site in particular that stands above all others in terms of importance in Malta. The Hypogeum labyrinth of underground chambers is of world importance and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These  fascinating chambers were likely used as both a burial site and temple and are open to the public for visits.

For three millennia, from approximately 5200 B.C. the Maltese archipelago was home to a unique temple-building civilisation. The temples of Malta and Gozo are believed to be the oldest free -standing building structures known to man and you can find these dotted around the islands.

Outstanding natural beauty:

As well as beautiful beaches, a rich cultural heritage and incredible historical structures to visit, Malta has wonderful natural beauty, much of which owes to the wonderful year-round climate. The warm, sunny weather throughout much of the year lends itself perfectly for exploring the varied and beautiful countryside of the three islands. After the warm, hot summer months the first rains brings the landscape to life with an astonishing abundance of wild flowers and plants. From mid-November to mid-May the countryside is verdant and lush.

In terms of natural beauty the islands have so much to offer with an abundance of different plant species, lush valleys, rocky scrubland or cliffs that plunge into the waves of Mediterranean sea below. From some of the highest points of the islands you can enjoy some truly spectacular views out to the sea, perfect to marvel at a beautiful sunset. All three islands offer a different experience if you decide to go off walking or hiking among nature. If you are truly looking to get away from it all, you couldn’t choose a better place than the Maltese archipelago though, as even in peak season you can feel like it is just you exploring the great outdoors.

The eclectic mix of Malta:

Owing to centuries of occupation by different civilisations, Malta offers an eclectic blend unlike many other places you have ever been. This can be seen in so many different factors of Maltese life including food and drink, language, shopping and nightlife. The food and drink available is a mix of many different cuisine styles from local dishes to that of Arabic origin and other mediterranean countries such as nearby Italy.

There are two official languages in Malta, the fascinating unique Maltese language which is a blend of other influences such as Latin and Arabic, and English, the language of business. You can easily get by exploring the islands with just English, making it perfect for visitors from across Europe. The shopping on offer includes smaller independent stores, big name brands and shopping malls to open air markets which remain hugely popular.

The Maltese, much like many other southern European nations such as Spain and Greece, take their nightlife very seriously, and love to party the night away. There are a huge number of bars and nightclubs with an eclectic mix of different music varieties on offer. This includes big name DJs who play on the islands throughout the year such as Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold. If club music is not your preference, other forms of music are also hugely popular such as live classical and band music. There are also many theatres and cinemas to keep you entertained.

As you can tell, Malta is a must visit destination, even if it is not somewhere you had considered before! Even better, there are some wonderful timeshare resorts you can stay at, such as The Golden Sands Resort & Spa. To find out more about the resort visit their website and also follow them on social media:

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