Why the Lake District is Definitely Worth Visiting this Year

The UK is a country rich in cultural heritage, beautiful cities brimming with stunning historical architecture, a vibrant multicultural mix and incredible natural beauty. It is all these elements and many more that make it one of the most visited countries by tourists from all over the world.

While you cannot always be guaranteed good weather, you can almost certainly expect for something interesting to see, do and experience. The fact that the UK has a lot of fascinating history to discover is undisputed considering it already boasted 30 world heritage sites including Canterbury Cathedral, The Tower of London, the city of Bath and the Giant’s Causeway.

Well it now has yet another accolade to add to this esteemed collection, as the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria has just been listed as a world heritage site by a Unesco committee in Kraków, Poland. This is a fantastic achievement which makes the Lake District the UK’s first national park to be granted this status.

As well as the 30 world heritage sites that already exist in the UK, the Lake District also joins an incredible list of other sites around the world which have been awarded what is one of the highest accolades on the planet, including the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon and the Taj Mahal. During this year’s World Heritage Convention in Kraków, the committee also discussed 33 other global sites.

Delegates heard that the park had been aiming to gain the Unesco status since 1986, so this is a momentous and long waited for achievement. Committee members praised not only the outstanding natural beauty of the park, but many other aspects including its contribution to art, literature and culture. The park has some absolutely stunning natural features such as England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike and largest natural lake, Windermere. The beauty of the Lake District has inspired some of the UK’s most beloved and famous writers including Beatrix Potter, and the poets William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge and John Ruskin.

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There are also several sites of historical importance such as King Arthur’s Round Table, a neolithic earthwork henge that is believed by English Heritage to be the jousting arena of the legendary monarch King Arthur. As well as this, John Glen, minister for arts, heritage and tourism, said: “It is a unique part of the world that combines a vibrant farming community with thousands of archaeological sites and structures that give us an amazing glimpse into our past.”

The Lake District is already one of the most popular places in the UK for tourism, with around 18 million visitors per year. According to Mr. Glen, with this latest  achievement of being granted world heritage status, the “decision will undoubtedly elevate the position of the Lake District internationally, boosting tourism and benefiting local communities and businesses.”

What better time than now to book a trip to see this stunning part of the UK, especially now in the summer when you will be able to enjoy some beautiful weather for strolling around the gorgeous countryside, fascinating villages and towns, and even take a dip in one of the lakes (although brace yourself as they will probably still be chilly). There are some brilliant timeshare resorts to stay at in the Lake District including Pine Lake Resort, Thurnham Hall and Brockwood Hall, so why not book yourself a holiday there today!

Article Source: The Guardian, 9th July 2017

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