How the Apple Watch is changing the way we travel

It’s one of the most anticipated tech launches ever, and already Apple Watch is changing the way we travel.

It may just be a mini screen you wear on your wrist but it’s able to do an extraordinary variety of tasks from unlocking the door to your hotel room to helping you to navigate around a foreign city.

Here are a few of the ways Apple’s ingenious new watch is changing how we travel.

At the airport

Many airlines have mobile apps, which can be downloaded onto the Apple Watch providing up-to-date information when catching a flight – whether there are delays, the gate number and arrival time. Better still, you can forget about the hassle of printing off boarding passes and having to constantly check your back pocket to make sure they are still there – instead the majority of apps are connected to passbook so you can download your boarding pass onto your wrist, making moving through security and border control quick and pain free.

And very cleverly, your watch will alert you of any delays or changes to your flight meaning that you can have a relaxing time in the airport.

For hotels

Apple Watch users can unlock their rooms at over 150 hotels with a simple swiping movement, thanks to hotel and timeshare giant Starwood’s partnership with Apple – never again will you be paying extra on checkout for lost room keys! The Marriott hotel chain has gone a step further allowing guests to check-in through their watches, and notifying you when your room is ready so you can carry on with your day without waiting around in hotel lobbies.

Getting around

Uber and Hailo already have apps created specially for the Apple Watch to allow you to order a cab with ease to wherever you are, giving you a little buzz when your driver arrives to ensure that you don’t miss it! Similarly, Citymapper has updated its app to work with Apple Watches, too, giving you advice on the quickest routes to your destination with step-by-step instructions and your nearest train or bus stations.

When you’re new in an area

Apple Watches give you easy access to sites such as TripAdvisor and OpenTable when you’re on the go but also simultaneously takes real-time updates based on nearby points of interest. Say if you’re looking for a cocktail bar or cafe early evening and happen to be passing near a top-rated one, your watch will alert you giving you full reviews and information – the feature is called Glances. Similarly, the OpenTable app allows you to book a reservation on the go giving you options to amend bookings, too. 


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