Happy 40th Birthday, RCI!

Holidaymakers around the world have been exchanging their timeshare weeks through RCI for years now, enjoying the host of luxury resorts and holiday experiences the leading timeshare specialists offer all over the globe.  And this month, RCI is celebrating a big birthday – its 40th!

The popular vacation ownership exchange brand, a huge name in the industry, was launched back in 1974 when Christel and Jon DeHaan pledged to change the face of the timeshare industry forever.

RCI is now famed for its innovative programs, including the hugely successful Resort Recognition, which helped to transform vacation exchange when it was first unveiled in the 90s.

It’s also one of the leaders in timeshare “education” thanks to its original and useful RCI apps, a dedicated YouTube channel where prospective members and members can view resorts before deciding to book a holiday in a new destination.

RCI has its own TV channels too, available at www.RCI.com, with segments such as “The Hotel Guy v. The Timeshare Guy” and “What Is Timeshare?” which you can watch at http://www.rci.com/RCI/prelogin/rciTV.do

In addition, as part of the 40th birthday celebrations, RCI has promised to launch a series of exciting promotions throughout 2014.

Gordon Gurnik, president of RCI, said: “Since then, RCI has partnered with some of the most respected companies in the hospitality sector to continue moving the industry forward.

“As we celebrate 40 years together, we want to thank each of our members for their enthusiasm for travel and their choice to see the world through vacation exchange. As a token of our gratitude to them, we will be releasing several exciting member and consumer promotions throughout the year.”

RCI’s other achievements include launching the first global points-based exchange program, RCI Points, in 2000, as well as the world’s first (and largest) luxury exchange program.

More recently, RCI unveiled the first ever mobile version of an exchange website in 2012 which has been really well received by consumers.

Gurnik added: “Our track record of being an innovator in the industry is only possible thanks to the spirit and dedication our associates have for delivering the best experience to RCI members and affiliates.”

You can keep up to date with RCI and timeshare news from around the world with RCI’s award-winning magazine, RCI Ventures www.rciventures.com, and for more information about timeshare and how it works, or how to use RCI for your holiday exchanges, and to have a look at RCI’s exciting international portfolio of resorts, go to www.RCI.com or www.RCIAffiliates.com


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