Foster family share holiday memories with CLC World

Super parents Gordon and Brenda Potter, in addition to having seven children of their own and three more adopted, have fostered more than 400 babies and youngsters creating holiday memories through their CLC World membership with many of them. 

The couple from Wallington, Surrey, bought a fixed week timeshare 25 years ago and “haven’t looked back”, converting along the way to Points. They spend 6 weeks most years, including the whole of August, on the Costa del Sol at Club La Costa World resort – and reckon that at least 100 of their young foster charges have joined the family on these holidays. 

“When you are arranging to take out of the country young children who may have issues and be in a vulnerable state, it is very important to be able to reassure social workers that your destination is safe, secure, well equipped and welcoming and Club La Costa World has always met these requirements,” says Brenda. 

Gordon, who is 76, and Brenda, aged 66, freely recognise that their peers are more likely to be embracing the role of grandparents – and indeed they have seven grandchildren ranging in age from 18 months to 16 years. He says: “I know we are getting on a bit but all this activity keeps us going and we must be doing something right because Social Services keep asking us to help out, and we do our very best to help!”  

Last year within the space of four months the couple were asked to care for three more tiny babies… hard enough work for young mums and dads! 

“Over the years we have watched the resort grow, but it has never lost its family feel, and the staff are truly wonderful,” says Brenda. ”It’s been wonderful to bring with us youngsters who may have been damaged by their experiences, and who have been able to enjoy a holiday in the sun in lovely surroundings along with our own children.” 

The Potters reckon they have five years of fostering left in them. After that it will be time to think about spreading their wings and using their CLC World  membership to travel further afield – and don’t they just deserve it!



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