Don’t let your baggage weigh you down: 10 Ways to Pack Light

It’s that nerve-wracking moment at the airport desk check-in – is your handluggage too heavy or your suitcase “overweight”?

Frequent travellers know how to pack light, so with long weekend season upon us after the summer holidays, here’s how to lighten the load for your next timeshare getaway.

  1. The flexible cover-up.  Tempting though it is to take a couple of jackets, the reality is you’ll probably only need one. If you’re heading to a mainly dry climate where it gets a little chilly at night, take a cosy wrap which can double as a dressing gown if your room feels a little nippy. If the chances are it’s going to rain while you’re there, opt for a detachable jacket instead – one with a fleece inner lining to keep out the cold, with an outer rainproof layer, as well.
  2. Before you pack, place everything on the bed – then reduce it by at least 30% – better still, 50%! Most people never wear everything they take.
  3. Pack clothes made from dry-fast fabrics that will dry overnight in the bathroom (or two nights if need be), or hung by a sunny bedroom window.
  4. Shoes and boots.  It’s an obvious one, but wear the heaviest footwear on your trip and pack the slimmest/lightest.  Even if it’s warm at the airport, you’ll be glad you wore those hiking boots and saved space in the handluggage.
  5. If you have to choose between carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders or doing laundry while you’re away, opt for the laundry.
  6. Invest in a safari-style multi-pocket gilet – the ones safari tourists wear. You’ll be able to stuff underwear, scarves, iPads, iPods and more in the pockets and if your handluggage is overweight when you check in, you can always transfer some of the items to one or two of your pockets.
  7. Don’t take things that you could buy while you’re away.  Unless you’re watching your budget closely, things like family-size sunscreen, shower gel and shampoo can be bought locally to avoid taking up extra space and weight.
  8. Pack only colour-coordinated clothes so it doesn’t matter how you mix and match while you’re away.
  9. Use a compression bag.  This won’t reduce the weight of your bag but it will squeeze more volume into it.
  10. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them.  This is the oldest trick in the book and one of the best.  Try it, it works every time!

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