Why You Should Definitely Visit Scotland This Year

With a new year, comes exciting new plans for all of you deciding which destination you are going to head to on your next timeshare holiday. January has flown by, but there is still so much more of the year left to experience places you’ve never been before. When many people think of travelling and visiting different parts of the world, they often think of flying off to exotic destinations if they want to see incredible scenery, or heading to locations across Europe for historical or cultural experiences.

What many people don’t realise is that sometimes you don’t need to go far at all for a wonderful holiday that has everything you are looking for and more. If you’re living in England you may never have even considered that north of the border there is a destination packed with gorgeous landscapes full of absolutely incredible natural beauty, a warm and hospitable people, cities full of culture and a fascinating history. Wait, you’ve never considered a holiday in Scotland before? Well you’ve definitely been missing out and we want to help show you why!

Breathtaking Natural Beauty

There are many destinations around the world with stunning landscapes just waiting to leave you awestruck, but without a doubt Scotland should be included in this list. If you are feeling stressed out by crowded cities, traffic, noise and generally being surrounded by too many people then a trip to Scotland could be just what you need as there are many parts that you can explore that are almost completely devoid of human interference. Vast swaths of Scotland, especially in the North, have retained their wild, natural beauty because of their more remote nature.

While it makes up around one third of the size of the British Isles, it has a population of under six million people, compared with England which has a population of over 55 million. Scotland really is the place to go if you want to get away from it all and get back in touch with nature at its finest. This includes incredible lakes like the world famous Loch Ness:

Other equally impressive lakes such as Loch Tay:

L O C H T A Y 🍂 Scotland never gets old… #ThankfifiTravels #Kenmore #LochTay

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Wonderful waterfalls:

Fascinating forests:

Magnificent mountainous expanses:

Rugged coastlines:

Beautiful beaches (yes you read that right, there are beaches in Scotland!):

Cities full of world famous culture and amazing architecture:

As you can see Scotland has some absolutely gorgeous natural beauty that remains almost entirely untouched by humans. Of course with its population of close to six million people there are some large cities such as Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, where you will find many features of Scotland’s world famous culture and amazing architectural icons.

If you were asked to think of something that symbolizes Scotland, then it’s more than likely that tartan or a kilt would spring to mind. This has become so much more than an item of clothing and is definitely an iconic representation of Scotland that is much loved across the world. You can find high street shops throughout Scottish cities and towns and even designer stores selling tartan clothes and accessories. Very impressive when you consider it originated in the Highlands of Scotland back in the 1500s! In Leith, Edinburgh you can visit the Clan Tartan Centre and search their database of 50,000 clan names, see how a kilt is made and buy your own. You could even go for a stroll around the city wearing your new kilt.

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When you visit Scotland you will undoubtedly hear the sounds of Scottish traditional music. The bagpipes are recognizable the world over and the iconic sound of this instrument can be heard throughout the country in high streets providing entertainment to passersby, at the Highland Games, at gigs and music festivals, at parades and during festivities throughout the year in Scotland. There are many museums and castles in which you can find out interesting stories about the pipes in their collections, but to truly understand the history of the bagpipes you should definitely check out the National Piping Centre in Glasgow where you can become fully acquainted with the story of this 300 year old iconic instrument.

Typical Scotland. #edinburgh #kilt #bagpipes #performance #streetmusic #classic

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The bagpipes may be the most iconic of instruments in Scotland, but there is a love of traditional music in general in the country and for several generations it has played a part in social and cultural life for Scots. There are Folk music and jamming sessions in pubs across the country and in many of Scotland’s cities you will hear buskers entertaining crowds with traditional instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, pipes and chanter, guitar and Clarsach, a Scottish harp.

With a rich history of monarchs, religion, important educational institutions and various forms of industry there are some incredible grand buildings to be found in cities such as Edinburgh.

Scotland is also an ambitious, forward thinking country which as well as being proud of its cultural and historical heritage is also modernising its cities in a way that compliments the existing architecture.

Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017

Scotland is a country steeped in history, heritage and full of amazing architecture and 2017 is the year to celebrate all of this, making it the perfect time to visit! Whether you are exploring the ancient Highlands with epic landscapes shaped by glaciers millennia ago or wandering around towns or cities among streets with castles, churches and other buildings that have stood for centuries, you cannot help but be in awe of the history that runs through the heart of the country wherever you go.

There is such a variety of  traditions in Scotland that are famous throughout the world, such as the Highland games, Burns Night, Bagpipes, Tartan and Kilts, haggis, whisky and many more that you will be spoilt for choice in terms of things to see, do, eat and drink when it comes to Scottish history and heritage throughout the whole year.

In addition to amazing  icons and events linked to Scottish history and heritage, you will be able to discover incredible archeological artifacts that are linked to various groups of people that lived in Scotland across the centuries including Roman and Viking burial ground, and sites like the Calanais Standing Stones (which are older than Stonehenge).

An all-round outstanding destination:

Scotland may not be a place that you ever considered heading to before, but by now you will hopefully be giving it some serious consideration for your next holiday. As well as all the reasons we’ve already shown you, there is so much more waiting for you to discover and see yourself. This includes some wonderful wildlife:

A chance to see the Northern Lights in all their breathtaking glory:

Plus quite a few surprises 😉

You will find a number of excellent timeshare resorts around the country in some stunning locations.  So if you are looking for somewhere amazing to head to for your next holiday this year then why not choose Scotland?

Timeshare Resorts:

Auchrannie Country Club
Glasgow Residence at One Devonshire Gardens
Kilconquar Castle Estate & Country Club
The Edinburgh Residence
The Glasgow Residence
Club La Costa Duchally
De Vere at The Carrick
Diamond Resorts at The Kenmore Club
Glenmor (at Gleneagles)
Hilton Coylumbridge
Hilton Craigendarrock
Hilton Dunkeld
Loch Rannoch Highland Club
Macdonald Craigellachie
MacDonalds Forest Hills
MacDonalds Lochanhully
MacDonalds Spey Valley
Melfort Village
Moness Country Club
Q Cameron House
Q Carrick
Scandinavian Village
Seasons at Brunston Castle
The Village at Machrihanish Dunes
Ugdale Cottates at Machrihanish Dunes

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