British pensioners dominate Europe’s travel market


German youths and British pensioners dominate Europe’s travel market, according to research released this week.


The report by Berlin’s IPK International examined the travel preferences of both younger and older holidaymakers across Europe.


The study revealed that 19 per cent (or 13 million trips) of all holidays taken by young people in 2012 were made by Germans. Just six million (nine per cent) of the UK’s 15 to 29-year-olds made trips in that time.


However, the older generation led the way for Britain. Of all the European holiday trips undertaken by the older generation, close to one-fifth (or 15 million trips) were made by Britons.  Many older Britons also own timeshare, although the number of younger families or couples buying into shared ownership is rising significantly thanks to a whole range of new, innovative products on the timeshare market which offer flexibility and an excellent variety of timeshare lifestyle holidays.


Meanwhile, the market share occupied by older Germans stands at 17 per cent (or 13.5 million trips).


The report also suggested that Britons and Germans differ in their holiday preferences, depending on which generation they belong to.


Older Britons enjoy the sun and beach holidays (40 per cent), as opposed to only 29 per cent of young people.


However, Germans’ preferences are exactly the opposite. Young travellers (40 per cent) prefer lying on the beach, in contrast to the older generation (29 per cent).


Yet they all have one thing in common: Spain, France and Italy are their top three preferred holiday destinations.


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