Are you a "Last Minute", "Partial Planner" or "Plan Well Ahead" Holidaymaker?

From where to eat from what to do hour-by-hour, we all know at least one person who likes to plan their holiday down to the last, painstaking detail – the “control factor”! Yet it seems the majority of us like to keep things much more laid-back, according to a new survey.

At least fifty-six percent of all respondents, according to US company GO Airport Express, said that they like to have plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy their holidays.

However, while most of us still like to plan airfare and hotels as well as some activities in advance of their trips, some simply like to wing it, leaving things more to the last minute.

Amazingly, sixty-one percent of women are these “partial planners”, with 52 percent men.

When it comes to holidays, more travellers prefer to plan every detail rather than those who plan nothing.

Of more than 1000 people surveyed, 22 percent of men and 20 percent of women said they plan months in advance, going so far as to create detailed itineraries of where they’re staying and what they’ll do while they’re there.

Most people, however, are somewhere in the middle. Fifty-six percent of all respondents said they plan airfare and hotels and some activities in advance of their trips, but like to have plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy as they please.

Twenty percent of men and 15 percent of women said the only pre-planning they do is booking hotels and airfare in advance, leaving all other activities completely unscheduled, to see how they feel when they get there.

John McCarthy, president of GO Airport Express, said: “While most of us keep tight work, social and family schedules, when it comes to vacations we want to be more flexible. However, a significant number don’t like to leave anything to chance.”

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