And the Key Travel Trends for 2016 are…? the TripAdvisor TripBarometer results are in

The key trends to emerge from the largest travel survey in the world, the TripAdvisor TripBarometer study, have just been revealed and the results make for interesting reading.

One in three holidaymakers said they’re going to be spending more in 2016, with half saying they will splurge more because they feel they really deserve it.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 63 per cent said they will only stay at a hotel with air conditioning, which along with WiFi is one of the top two reasons people said they would choose one resort over others. The culture of a specific destination was the most important reason to visit, followed by recommendations from family and friends, while special events and special discounts came third and fourth.
  • Special offers were deemed very influential (not surprisingly) sawying one in every two travellers when it came to their final choice of destination.
  • Value is key again for 2016 but in addition to having an “enjoyable” break, more people are looking for positive health benefits as part of their trip.  One in three said they will be spending more next year because holidays are good for your health and mental wellbeing, while 25% will be upping their spending because they want to explore longer haul destinations. Australians are the world’s biggest travellers and they’ll be spending the most.
  • And a big part of travel in 2016 will be discovering new destinations – to get a real flavour for local cultures.
  • Peer recommendations play a big part in holiday choices.  29 per cent of those interviewed said they are influenced with friends’ recommendations (online reviews have never been more important – they can make or break a resort) and with more and more of us sharing our holiday snaps and experiences across social media, this influence looks likely to become even more powerful in the very near future.
  • The biggest dealbreaker was air con, while almost half of travellers said they wouldn’t stay at a hotel with no free WiFi (46 per cent) although around one in ten said they would actually be willing to pay extra for super-fast WiFi.
  • And here’s a result that will strike a chord with Brits especially – almost one third of those surveyed said they want a kettle in the room for making tea and coffee, and if there isn’t one, they’ll stay elsewhere.
  • The latest survey from TripAdvisor also shows that 47 per cent of hoteliers are going to be raising their room rates to compensate for increased overheads, although other reasons include renovations and increased demand.  (This is where timeshare really comes into its own, as timeshare owners aren’t subject to room price hikes – because they’ve paid for the holidays upfront).
  • Hoteliers said online reputation management will be top of the list for them next year. Online travel reviews were rated as extremely important by 93 per cent of hotel owners in the survey and 59 per cent said they’d invest more in this area next year.
  • Last but not least, it seems we’re ready to start fulfilling our travel wish lists! One of the reasons people gave for planning to spend more in 2016 is to visit the destination of their dreams. Not a bad way to kick off a new year!

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