78% of Americans say a road trip is their kind of holiday

With the summer holiday season well and truly under way, it seems the minds of US tourists are already hitting the open road.

A survey researching American tourism has revealed that four in five Americans (78 per cent) believe that road trips make the best vacations.

The love for getting behind the wheel means that around two-thirds of respondents said that they’d rather drive across the country than fly.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of women said that they liked to control the radio and read the maps during road trips. 43 per cent of men put themselves in the driver’s seat.

Half of those surveyed also revealed that they prefer to eat at a restaurant along the way rather than snacking while on the road.

Even those who take packed lunches try to stop and enjoy their surroundings, with 30 per cent of Americans saying they like to pack picnics for a scenic stop.

The company that carried out the survey said: “Consumers love the freedom that the open road brings to their travels. Whether on a mission to find the best roadside diner in America or check a few national parks off their bucket list, road trips offer a little something for everyone.”

America’s open roads have been immortalised in films and songs for decades. Some of the most scenic drives of all include the trip from Key Largo to Key West (Florida) on Highway 1, knicknamed Jimmy Buffet Highway, as well as the scenic open road from Malibu to Monterey along the Pacific Coast Highway 101.

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