3 of the Most Beautiful Destinations You Should See in 2019

Planning travel adventures is undoubtedly one of the most popular past-times for many people when they are not actually travelling, and what better time to be deciding where you want to go next than the start of a new year. If you didn’t get to travel as much as you wanted to in 2018, then why not make 2019 the year that you discover more of the world.

Even if you did manage to take a number of great holidays last year (we don’t blame you), then there are plenty more places to visit! The amazing thing about travel is that there is always something new and exciting to see, even in places you may have travelled to before, or places to consider that you may have previously overlooked.

To whet your travel appetite for the upcoming year ahead here are 3 of the most beautiful destinations you should see in 2019:


France is an absolutely phenomenal destination filled with fantastic features that will dazzle and delight you. Across the country there is a real passion for the finer things in life including French cuisine which is considered one of the best in the world with such famous dishes and delicacies as Croque-Monsieur, Quiche, Chocolate Mousse, French onion soup, Baguettes, Croissants, cakes and other baked products, plus of course delicious drinks like French coffee and various types of wine.

In French cooking, quality ingredients are extremely important and you can still see fresh food and drink markets in almost every village, town and city. Another thing you will notice across this beautiful country is the fantastic architecture, with some of the most globally iconic buildings and structures in the world, such as the incredible Mont-Saint-Michael in Normandy:

The stunning Château de Versailles:

Plus of course, possibly the most famous man-made structure in the world, the Eiffel tower in Paris, France’s breathtaking capital city.

In fact in its 2018 Travellers’ Choice award Tripadvisor has rated Paris as the Top Destination in the World, making this a must see place if you decide to visit France in 2019. It is not just its urban areas and cuisine that makes this country so unmissable, but also the breathtaking natural beauty including beaches, forests, fields, lakes and mountains.

There is also the unmistakable style of French cinema, theatre, music and fashion, with many of the top brands in the world originating here and making it a perfect place to shop until you drop. One thing is for certain, France is a country that has so much to offer and will definitely not disappoint!


Somewhere very different, but equally worth exploring is the marvelous country of Morocco which should certainly be on your radar as a destination to get to know in 2019. Located in north Africa with a coastline along both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is at a crossroads between Africa and Europe, with the very north of the country being just a short ferry crossing from southern Spain.

There are also relatively short flight times from many European capital cities to Morocco, such as around 3.5 hours from London to Marrakech, one of the most famous and popular locations in the country. If you decide to visit Morocco in 2019, then Marrakesh will ideally form at least part of your adventure as it was ranked as number eight in the Top Worldwide Destinations of the Tripadvisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice award.

Morocco is famed for it’s wonderful year-round warm, sunny climate, especially along the coastal areas, making it a perfect destination for beach holidays. This is especially the case because of the many gorgeous golden sandy beaches and absolutely beautiful clear blue waters.

While the country is undoubtedly an amazing place for a fantastic beach holiday at almost all times of the year, you should definitely not neglect the many other incredible features of Morocco. Architecturally it is very different from France, but also highly impressive, offering a complete contrast to the buildings and structures you will discover across much of Europe.

The style of much of the architectural designs that you will find across the villages, towns and cities are inexorably linked to the various cultural and historical factors that have influenced the country over its two millennia of history. This is owing in large part to the geographical location, being as mentioned earlier at the crossroads between Europe and Northern Africa.

Because of this you will find examples of architecture from the great Mediterranean civilizations such as the Roman Empire, works connected to the years of old French rule in locations such as the capital city Rabat, and of course the significant and sustained influence of various succeeding Muslim dynasties.

This is a country of incredible contrasts that astonishes visitors with the sheer variety of colours, beauty and natural landscapes. While you may have the preconception that Morocco is merely a hot, sandy desert country with an abundance of beautiful beaches but not much else in the way of natural splendour, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

You can experience a wide variety of different landscapes including incredible waterfalls, complete with cafes by the side to sit and enjoy the view:

Breathtaking mountain ranges, including the snow tipped Atlas mountains where you can even go skiing (probably not what you expected):

The start of the incredible Sahara, the largest arid desert in the world. Here there are a variety of interesting activities that you can enjoy such as hot air balloon rides and camel trekking which really add to the feel of being on an adventure:

Of course, these are just a small selection of the huge variety of different activities you can experience in this stunning country of beautiful nature, fascinating architecture, colourful contrasts, delicious and healthy cuisine and cultural delights. If you’re looking for a different type of holiday in 2019, then make sure to consider Morocco as one of your next must-see destinations!

Czech Republic

In recent years this splendid Central European country has gained increasing prominence on the international tourism stage and for good reason. Last year the Czech Republic celebrated 100 years of independence since the end of the First World War when the independent state of Czechoslovakia was created.

While Czechoslovakia has since split into two countries, this is still viewed as a momentous part of history for the Czech Republic and there has never been a better time to visit!

You will find a country that is highly developed politically, socially and economically, that was ranked as the joint 7th most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2018.

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is resplendent with absolutely incredible scenes, many of which can seem like they are straight out of a fairy-tale.

As is the case with many European countries, while they are connected by certain common cultures, values and styles, there are also many differences that can be observed. This is one of the beauties of travelling to a new country; even within the same continent you will be able to observe many subtle differences such as in the style of architecture:

Across the country you will be able to discover a wealth of different delights such as an abundance of beautiful castles which really are spectacular in their splendour!

Speaking of spectacular scenes, you will be amazed by the natural beauty that the Czech Republic has to offer, with the landscapes being equally as impressive as the man-made structures. In many instances, the natural beauty that is evident across the country really compliments the villages, towns and cities surrounded by it.

Owing to its geographical location and climate you will notice that this landlocked country is highly verdant and is filled with forests, lakes and rivers, with incredible mountains, valleys and gorges.

All of this makes the natural environment equally as interesting to explore as the picturesque towns and cities. They are the perfect place for getting out and about either for bike rides or  walking adventures.

Of course no holiday to Czech Republic would be complete without a trip or stay in Prague the capital and largest city of the country. This is undoubtedly the jewel in the Czech crown with so much to offer in terms of history, culture, architecture, shopping, food and drink and much more!

It is the perfect place to discover for those who are bored of beach holidays and want a much more cultural experience, with plenty of incredible beauty and a huge amount to learn, such as in the many museums like the magnificent National Museum. Prague is certainly a favourite among travellers across Europe and from further afield, being ranked as the 7th best destination worldwide in the 2018 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice award.

As with France and Paris, the Czech Republic is much more than just its captivating capital city, with plenty of other picturesque towns and cities to explore such as the second largest city, Brno which remains in many aspects an undiscovered gem (but for how long?)!

As you can tell, the Czech Republic is a magical country with so much beauty, both natural and man-made, that it should absolutely be on your list of places to see in 2019!

Hopefully this list of very different destinations has inspired to visit at least one of them, but ideally we recommend considering a visit to all three of these countries in 2019. You have a whole new year of exploration ahead of you after all.

If you are looking for ideas of hotels or resorts to stay in while you are in France, Morocco or Czech Republic, then make sure to contact us as we can recommend some fantastic accommodation. Enjoy your upcoming year of travel!

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