10 travel tips for a hassle-free timeshare holiday

Can’t wait to escape for your summer break? Before you leave, there are a few simple things you can do to make your journey as hassle-free as it can be – especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Here are ten tips for a hassle-free timeshare holiday to help you relax both during the journey and when you get to  your resort, from the moment you leave your front door.

The first thing to remember is – charge your phone. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport with a half dead mobile, in case you need to contact the hotel or transport in the event of flight changes.  Remember to turn your data roaming off or replace your sim card with a local one on arrival to avoid extortionate charges when travelling abroad.

  1. Taking jewellery? Try weaving chains and necklaces through drinking straws so keep them tangle-free in your bag.
  2. Weigh your luggage before leaving the house to avoid paying extra (or a lot extra) at the bag-drop. Most airlines insist that each bag must be under the limit rather than spreading the total weight spread across one family’s bags. If you travel a lot it’s worth investing in a luggage scale to avoid wondering whether or not you’ll be charged for excess weight.
  3. Many resorts use the weekend (usually Saturdays) as changeover day, meaning that flights are most expensive around then to maximise profit. But if your dates are flexible, try booking flights mid-week to save money – Tuesday and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to fly
  4. Another low cost flight tip – if you’re looking at flight pricings, set your browser to private as this can also keep costs down. Companies can view your browser history, working out which flights or routes you are interested in and this can result in an increase in pricing.
  5. How to save money on meals… try out the local cuisine instead of going for a safer, touristy option like pizza and burgers. Not only will this give you a real authentic insight to the area but usually smaller, local eateries are considerably cheaper than those bombarded by tourists – look where the locals eat, if a café is well frequented it’ll probably be affordable and good.
  6. If you are not short on time, why not have a think about travelling by land, whether it’s hiring a car or taking a coach? Not only is land generally cheaper but it will also allow you to get a feel of the area with stunning views and interesting sights along the way.
  7. Even if you’re heading off to a beautiful white beach with tall palms and expect to be bathing in 30 degrees plus, still pack a warm jumper or hoodie so you are prepared for anything including chilly, windy evenings or sudden drops in temperature. Whether you use it on the flight or as a pillow, it is definitely a useful extra.
  8. Some resorts and hotels charge silly amounts for WiFi. Try cutting out these costs by finding WiFi hotspots around cities or ask a pavement or beach cafe whether they provide free WiFi before buying your coffee so you can check your emails for free while you people watch.
  9. A top tip for safety is to carry a spare or ‘dummy’ wallet that contains a small amount of cash and some old debit cards. This way if you are approached by muggers you can simply hand over this wallet as a decoy
  10. Finally, it’s worth picking up a few guide books before going on holiday to check out what the area has to offer, and noting the places you want to go to on a pad. Then leave the books behind (or buy the guide for your iPad or Kindle!).  Chatting to the locals is a great way to find places and restaurants you otherwise wouldn’t have known about, too.


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