10 Tech Ways to Make Planning Your Next Holiday Easier

While we all need a holiday to relax and unwind, getting there can be another matter. Planning for that much anticipated timeshare break can be a stressful experience, particularly if you’re jetting off overseas, or heading to a mysterious and exotic destination.

To make your next trip that bit smoother, we’ve rounded up our ten favourite travel “shortcuts” to make your life stress-free.

1)    Save the Map

If you know you’re going to get lost, then pre-save a map on Google Maps before you head away. That way, you can still view it, even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

2)    Filter the Rest

There are plenty of sites and apps to save on price and other worries when you’re flying. One called Hipmunk, has an “agony” filter so you can find the best possible flight for you – which means lower prices, fewer stops, and duration.

3)    Clean Those Cookies

Delete those cookies on your laptop after doing a flight search.Not everyone realises this but many travel sites will track your search history, then raise their prices – all because you’ve visited their website before!

4)    Use the Seat Guru

TripAdvisor has a nifty device called the SeatGuru, which allows you to view your flight’s seat layout – and snag the best-rated seats.

5)    Use TripAdvisor

For recommendations on where to stay and eat, always head for TripAdvisor first. With thousands of user reviews, you can be sure to find only the very best.

6)    Find Free Wi-Fi Easily

Use FourSquare to find access to free Wi-Fi, wherever you are. For example, type “free wifi airports” for an automatic list of where to go.

7)    Charge Quickly

Tired of your battery always running down? Switch your phone to “airplane mode” for it to charge quicker.

8)    Get Calls for Free

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, try using Google Voice and Hangouts so you can take advantage of all the free calls and text messages.

9)    Know When to Book

Those in the know say that the best time to buy flight tickets is 54 days ahead of time. The best time to book? 3pm on a Sunday, say some experts although this is a hard one to quantify.

10) Don’t Fret

If you lose your phone charger while travelling, don’t fret. Most TVs now have handy USB plug-ins, which means you can easily charge your phone while abroad.

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